Ibrahim K. N. Khalifi

6512 Zayd Ibn Salamah – Al Bawadi

Unit No. 7-8

Jeddah 23443–3062

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mobile: +966-561114242

E-mail: [email protected]


Personal details:

Date of Birth: 09/20/1962

Married Status: M

Number of Family: 10

Nationality: Saudi Arabia




English language


July, 1987 – Scottish Vocational Education Council

National Certificate, Computer Programming (Elementary) BASIC letter part 1  - letter part 2

Module 61 II Computer Programming (Elementary) BASIC studied at Stevenson

College of Further Education learning outcomes completed on July 3, 1987.


                                                         1-Demonstrate problem-solving abilities by applying recognized techniques in the context of a specified problem.

          2- Write and run elementary programs in BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN, and PASCAL.

          3- Prepare program for documentation.

The British Council University of Cambridge


English Language Testing – Overall band 3 of 5



 24/10/1987 – 13/12/1987 Computeach International

Introduction to Computing and Operating System, “VERY GOOD”

 24/10/1987 – 13/12/1987 Computeach International

Computer Programming in BASIC Language “VERY GOOD”


City and Guilds of London Institute February 1988

A structured assignment in computer literacy


Saudi Aramco


General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB) 60%

 09/03/1996 – 17/04/1996 Saudi Aramco

Industrial Math 5B “Final Grade 80%)

05/11/1995 – 12/01/1996 Saudi Aramco

English Language Level 5B “Final Grade 92%)

15/06/1996 – 24/07/1996 Saudi Aramco

Business Math 5B “Final Grade 90%)


Training Courses:-



English Typing 55 WPM

Arabic Typing 35 WPM


Training Courses – at Qatar Airways

Product Awareness Course – 17-19 December 2006

Dangerous Goods – Passenger Handling ( Category 9 ) Held on October, 30th 2007


Izdehar Training Center

Effective Supervision Skills 3 days 12 hours 09-11 Apr. 2010

Performance Appraisal 3 days 18 hours 09-11 Apr. 2010


Training Courses – at AEROPORTS DE PARIS MANAGEMENT, Orly Airport – Paris, France

Airport Manager Seminar 14-18 June 2010




Saudi Tourist & Travel Bureau ltd. 02-08-1988 to 02-26-1991

Passenger Services Officer

-         Assigned to passenger handling section at King Abdulaziz international airport, trained in and gained experience for all areas of passenger handling cargo, operations and ramp handling.


June 4 - Sen. 1, 1989

-         I worked as the Terminal Supervisor, coordinating the processing of over 30 aircraft per shift at peak periods.

-         I developed dBase IV programs for resource allocation and flight scheduling. These programs enabled us to significantly reduce daily workload planning.


Temporary Assignment

Appreciation letter



06-01-1991 to 09-16-1996.

Statistical Assistant, I

-         I worked at the CTMS ‘Corporate Training Management System’ to enroll employee for training to improve their job skills for future promotion.


United Aircraft Services Company LTD.

Passengers Services Officer

Start from 10/08/2005 until 12/04/2006

I worked as PIC Passengers Information Controller, to control the passenger flow and movement, coordinate with check-in counter and boarding gate and ramp operation.


Qatar Airways.

Cargo Agent

Start from 01/05/2006 to 13/12/2007

-         Working at King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) Cargo Terminal to supervision and monitoring our ground handling agent for download/upload the cargo shipments, also to send the SITA messages to the destination city about the shipment details including the pallet and containers number and location at the Aircraft, in addition to enter the shipments details in the cargo system.

Appreciation letter


Port Projects Management and Development Company Ldt. (PPMDC)

-         I worked as ‘Flight Scheduling Supervisor’ from 18/10/2008 to 22/07/2011

-         Programming developer from 23/07/2011 – 22/01/2013


Appreciations letters:-

-         Cameroon Airlines

-         Turkish Airlines

-         PPMDC

Letter of thanks to the program (my idea) provided through a program of flight schedules and Statistics and an automated link under the chairmanship of civil aviation flight schedules and flight information exchange and automated link with financial management of the company.

o   Appreciation Letter

o   Shield thanked

o   Thanks Letter

o   Certificate of Merit for outstanding performance

-         The Learning Annex (Home Based Medical Billing Business) USA, LA



-         Strong organizational and detail-oriented skills. Effectively handles multiple tasks simultaneously.

-         Demonstrated ability to acquire and apply knowledge rapidly.

-         I have excellent work experience in computer hardware and software installation and assembling.

-         Networking.

-         Computer programming Advanced VB.NET programming.

-         SQL Server Administrator and Data Base managements.

-         Write and run SQL quires and scripts to maintain SQL Server Data Base.

-         Developed a program in VB.NET for flights scheduling and resources.



-         Native Arabic

-         English (speaking, reading and writing) V.G.



Swimming, scuba diving, traveling and computing, Driving a picnic, Fishing and Diving boats



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